Monday, January 01, 2007

cool as fsck

This blog is going to be a journal of my trials and tribulations with installing and hosting a website.

I kind of sort of know what I am doing, if I'm going to be honest.
I've installed and run Linux before, but I'm by far not a guru. Hopefully, this will help someone else out. This time I am going to use Ubuntu, because it's user friendly, even if it isn't that old there is lots of help info on the web for it, and I really really prefer a Debian style package management system. I've used Red Hat/fedora (it was my first distro) and Mandrake before, but I prefer Debian/Ubuntu.
There are three reasons I'm doing this:
1. I want a record of what I do to the machine and when I do it (what works and doesn't work)
2. Maybe that information can help someone else out
3. I've always wanted to do a blog, but never really had anything to write about before

I'm also going to write about other miscellaneous things along the way. Hopefully, I can post at least a few times a week!

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