Wednesday, February 28, 2007

apple TV delayed!

Apple TV (which I plan on buying) has been delayed. Now the update time is listed as Mid-March, changed from February.

Come on Apple! I've got a $200 comp usa gift card burning a hole in my pocket! Let me buy some stuff!

You might wonder why I'm buying an untested $300 gadget from a very expensive DRM-laden company like apple.

1. I'm expecting the apple TV to have a very high WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor)

2. I've wanted a myth TV or similar application to hook up to the TV/Sterio for a long time now (I even set up a myth tv once, but it failed the wife test)

3. As soon as it's hooked up, I plan on bumping my netflix subscription from 4 at a time to 2 at a time, and spending the leftover money on content from iTunes, saving me money.

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